About Us

Lewis Fox has an agricultural background with both small and large ruminants in the Northeast. Lewis has a BS in Animal Science from Cornell University and has extensive experience within the dairy industry. Lewis has managed large scale cow, sheep, and goat dairies in New York, and grew up on an organic grazing dairy in Vermont. Lewis owns and operates a commercial sheep operation with his wife Niko as well as being a co-founder and owner of Agrivoltaic Solutions, which currently grazes solar assets for 9 different firms in the Northeastern U.S. Lewis is a founding board member of the American Solar Grazing Association and currently serves on the board of Advisors.

Nick Armentrout has a professional background in small business and supply chain administration, sales, land, and livestock management. Over the course of his career, Nick has managed four businesses for others, and two of his own, throughout start-up phase to maturity. A highlight was 10 years working with ranchers and industry, while sourcing and supplying domestic wool for the commission manufacture of American grown and sewn, knit, and woven wool clothing fabrics for a U.S. clothing company. He has always been engaged with animal agriculture - initially ranching in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, he returned home to Maine to start Spring Creek Farm with his wife in 1998. Nick manages Spring Creek Farm, a mixed-power, organic, horse, sheep, hay, and small grain farm that also serves as the host facility for the Carlisle Equestrian Academy.

Nick holds a BA in English from Washington College, Chestertown, Maryland. He is proud to be a University of Maine Master Gardener, and a Saltwater Institute Values-Centered Leadership graduate. Nick is a Board member of Maine Farmland Trust and the American Solar Grazing Association and serves as an advisor to the Washington College Center for Environment and Society.

Niko Kochendoerfer, PhD, has a BS in Agricultural Management from Anhalt University in Germany, and earned a PhD in small ruminant nutrition from the Cornell University animal science department. Niko has a professional background in managing large-scale grazing sheep flocks in Germany and gained experience in whole-farm consulting before moving to the US in 2014. Niko has extensive expertise in designing co-located grazing systems with attention to flock and ecosystem health and biodiversity. She initiated and managed the Cornell University solar grazing program for four years and has published a variety of articles on sheep grazing management of solar sites. Together with her husband Lewis, Niko owns and operates a commercial sheep flock that grazes solar sites in VT and NY.