Consulting Services

The Agrivoltaic Solutions team consults on co-location with solar developers of both DG and utility scale projects.  AVS leverages experience integrating managed grazing and other co-location services on projects across the United States, and has been especially active in permitting support for projects in the 94-C process in New York.

AVS can bring a managed grazing program from concept through to execution, and advises on all matters pertaining to site layout and design review, seed mix compatability, grazer outreach and solicitation, grazing plan creation, site modifications, water sourcing and delivery, permitting support and compliance documents, contract development, operations plans, training modules, and much more.

Agrivoltaic Solutions, LLC consults for major clients such as:

  • EDF Renewables
  • Invenergy LLC
  • Lightsource bp
  • AES Renewable Development
  • Baywa r.e.
  • Cypress Creek Renewables
  • Hecate Energy
  • TRC Companies
  • CS Energy
  • Soltage LLC
  • Verogy Solar
  • Pivot Renewables